Genre: Drama

Pages: 104

When a former elite ballerina who never realized her full potential finds the opportunity to redeem herself through her 11-year-old daughter; she throws caution and maternal instinct to the wind  despite the negative consequences of fulfilling an undying dream.


Beauty For Ashes 

Genre: Drama

Pages: 99

When a progressive-thinking surrogate carrying her gay best friend’s child unexpectedly dies, her husband  — a far-removed pastor’s kid from the bible belt — steals the baby and returns to his roots in a desperate attempt to hold on to what’s left of his wife. 


above the fold

Genre: Drama (Miniseries)

Pages: 59

Platform: Streaming/Cable

In a growing town dominated by a university and its beloved football team, a journalist struggling to define herself in new-age journalism takes on a story which threatens to destabilize the status quo by confronting the deeply-entrenched rape culture at play within her alma mater.